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Donna Sykes - Purchasing Manager                         
Charlotte Ellis - Buyer
Katie Mitchell - Buyer Gizem Ozkaynak - Supplier Co-ordinator
Charlotte Young - Assistant Buyer  
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VendorDevelopment Department
Emily Tan - Far East Sales Account Manager Milla Zhu - Far East Purchasing Leader
Kara Wu - Far East Sales Co-ordinator Sunny Quan - Internal Sales Account Manager
Cindy Xu - Far East Supplier Co-ordinator Eric Hu - Assistant Far East Supplier Co-ordinator


IT Department
Tim Dowling, Head of IT
Alex Harpin, IT support / Website Developer
Chris Harper, IT support

Accounts Department
Stuart Mellor, Financial Controller
Annie Spreadbury, Sales Ledger Controller
Jan Faddy, Purchase Ledger Controller

Marketing Department
Beverley Scott, Head of Marketing
Gina Rounding, Digital Marketing Assistant
Samantha Bluckert, Marketing Coordinator
David Yodaiken, Digital Marketing Assistant

Stores Department
Andrew Skelton, Stores & Logistics Manager

Quality Department
Michael Sinclair, Office Quality Manager
Becky Pratt, Quality Assistant

Link Business Park
Osbaldwick Link Road
York YO10 3JB
United Kingdom

Telephone:  ++44(0) 1904 415415
Fax:  ++44(0) 1904 424424



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