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Obsolete electronic components and parts - active, passive and electro-mechanical

Cyclops Electronics specialise in sourcing obsolete electronic components and obsolete electronic parts from around the world.

With offices in England, Ireland, the Czech Republic, Canada, the USA, Italy, Hungary and China and one of the largest and most highly trained teams in the industry, you can rely on Cyclops to scour the globe to find the obsolete components you need.

In addition, we hold an extensive range of obsolete electronic components in stock in our purpose built environmentally controlled warehouse in York, England.

At last count we were holding
91,603 line items of active, passive and electro-mechanical components.

You can also check availability on obsolete parts and get access to over 10.2 million components globally

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All Cyclops Electronics staff are highly trained and motivated which means that they try much harder to source your obsolete components.

When your requirement is more difficult than normal to source, you can count on Cyclops Electronics staff to go the "extra mile" to get the obsolete parts you need.   We keep searching for components long after others have given up and if all else fails we work to find appropriate alternatives, which can be cross referenced from our extensive technical data library.

For fast personal service and 30-minute response to urgent telephone enquiries call us on +44 (0) 1904 415415.

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Cyclops Electronics for…

  • Obsolete electronic components
  • Obsolete semiconductors
  • Obsolete integrated circuits
  • Obsolete electronic parts
  • Obsolete active components
  • Obsolete passive components



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