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14 July 2015

IBM Chip Breakthrough. Taking Computers to the Next Level

The future of computer chips has taken a bold step thanks to IBM. The company have announced they have been working on high capacity chips which have 4 times the capacity of anything else available today. Collaborating with Global Foundries, Samsung and SUNY Polytechnic Institute on the project, this is a big deal for the computer and electronics industry as a whole.

The technology they have showcased is of particular significance as there were questions about Moore’s Law and whether transistor density can keep doubling. Currently the industry is switching from 14nm to 10nm but IBM’s latest chip is an absolutely tiny 7nm.

Each new generation usually reduces the area required for components and circuits by about 50%, speeding up the time between switching currents. This latest development from IBM suggests the technology could keep shrinking until at least 2018. These advancements in speed and reduction in size have been made possible by the use of silicon-germanium rather than pure silicon.

After IBM’s manufacturing arm was acquired very recently by Global Foundries, they will be licensing their technology to make chips for Qualcomm and AMD, amongst others. Whether the industry decides to enter the future using silicon-germanium is still up for debate. Whilst it does allow for these ‘super chips,’ it is unknown whether it can be used viably in a manufacturing facility. The wafer that IBM have shown is not a working part or even a prototype, they are test chips with functioning transistors. Even though they have made this big announcement, it is just experimental at this stage.

The race is now on for other manufacturers to catch up with IBM. The big competitor is Intel who have already said they will be working towards 7nm production, but have not specified a date for production or development.

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