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23 September 2020

Cyclops September COVID-19 lead times update

Cyclops September COVID-19 Lead time Update

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COVID-19 and Electrical component manufacturer lead times update

As we enter another global spike in COVID-19 more uncertainty rises in its impact it could have on electronic global supply chains and manufacturers.   

Manufacture Altera has had an increase in lead times to 15-16 weeks this is due to the demand from the server market. Analog devices have reported their lead times are more than 20 weeks on some parts, this is due to low capacity of ASP materials for medical parts.

Linear Technology have reported they are extending their LTM lead times to 20-24 weeks, while their LT series lead times currently stand at 16-20. LT1 and LTC1 are also unstable. Consequently, the company reported that parts used in medical equipment are experiencing unstable lead times, like Analog this is likely due to the impact of Covid-19 and the demand for medical supplies. NXP factories are experiencing wafer shortages and lack of production capacity. Their MPX/Sensor series has spiked to 26 weeks, the market price has risen by 20% this is a result in the sensors being used in medical treatments.

Maxim Integrated has announced due to the recent lockdown of Maxims Philippines factory has caused delays and lead times are remining at 14-16 with backlog unable to be pulled in. Similarly, company Microchip lead times are stretching to 16-20 weeks this is due to the limited factory capacity due to COVID-19. OMRON Micro switches are experiencing stretched lead times and increase in pricing particularly effecting the D2FC series. Lead times are now around 14-20 weeks. ROHM plants in Philippines are currently working at 50% due to COVID-19 quarantine.

AVX tantalum caps and F series parts are expecting shortage, the lead times have increased to a staggering 30-40 weeks, this has led to AVX not accepting lead time-based orders.

Need quicker lead times?

We are experiencing an increase in lead times due to COVID-19 as seen above manufactures are struggling to produce the mass quantity due to lock downs and shortage of staff.

We at cyclops electronics are here to provide those hard to find components in these challenging times. To search for your components please click here. Or email for enquires.

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19 August 2015

Struggling with Obsolete Components?

Working in the purchasing or planning department, you know how to plan for production runs and product roll outs. In fact, you bought enough stock for your projected production run - everything was planned out perfectly and you thought you could relax. Until sales of your product start going through the roof and blowing all expectations out of the water. This is great news for the business; bosses are happy, customers are happy, even the shareholders are happy!

But now there's a problem - those components you carefully ordered and planned for are now obsolete - what do you do? You could chase around for hours, even days, just trying to track down the parts needed, coming up with nothing but dead ends and wrong part numbers. Or you could sit back and relax knowing everything has been taken care of. Which sounds better?

If you contact Cyclops with your requirements, our highly trained and specialist team will source everything for you - quickly and efficiently. As specialists in sourcing obsolete and hard to find components, and with global reach across the industry, you won't be left waiting for long. With Cyclops Electronics on your side, your production run doesn't need to be disrupted and the great sales and good fortune can continue!

Send your RFQ in now using the box on the right or call our team on +44 (0)1904 415 415

Keep up to date with all the news from Cyclops, and the electronics industry by following us on Twitter!

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