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22 January 2016

Counterfeiting is out of control!

Three Chinese nationals were arrested last December for illegally redistributing stolen – military grade – semiconductors, along with selling counterfeit components to US defence contractors.

Daofu Zhang, Jiang Guanghou Yan and Xianfeng Zuo were arrested in Conneticut in December 2015, but this was not the first time that some of the companies had been investigated.

The FBI first began watching Yan along with another Chinese company for trafficking in counterfeit semiconductors back in 2012.

Following this, a press release from the Department of Justice states that ‘Yan sold a total of 45 counterfeit intel microprocessors to an undercover agent, who had advised Yan that the components would be used on a U.S Navy contract involving submarines’.

Along with the direct sales of counterfeit components, Yan has also been known to set up organised theft of valued components from US Navy bases, replacing them with counterfeits that do not even function.

Yan, and the other two Chinese nationals are now facing charged of violating the International Emergency Economics Powers Act – carrying a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison as well as a 1 million USD fine.

The problems surrounding counterfeit components do not appear to be decreasing, and reports of counterfeit components have quadrupled since 2009.

It is more important than ever that you make sure your components are coming from a certified and trusted company who can provide all relevant details about the part at your request.

At Cyclops, we have thorough procedures in place to ensure that the part you desire is exactly what you will receive. Click here to find out how.

If you have any worries regarding counterfeit components, then just click here to read our Counterfeit guide.

If you have any questions then please don’t hesitate to give us a call 01904 424 424.

20 January 2016

Is the ON Semi/Fairchild agreement a done deal?

It was announced in November of last year that ON Semiconductor and Fairchild Semiconductor have entered an agreement for ON Semi to acquire Fairchild for $20.00 per share.

There have been some hiccups in this agreement though, as it has been reported that Fairchild’s board of directors received an unsolicited proposal from China Resources Microelectronics just one month later.

This proposal was for $21.70 per share, and it seems to have put On Semi and Fairchild’s agreement on hold.


06 January 2016

Job opportunities at Cyclops Electronics

Because Cyclops Electronics is continuously expanding, we are always on the lookout for new team members to join us!

Within the walls of the Cyclops building, the experts are constantly working hard to ensure that 100% satisfaction is met within every aspect of the company, whilst enjoying themselves in the process.

We are currently on the hunt for a well-mannered individual, with enthusiasm and a drive for knowledge to join our Cyclops family as a Receptionist/Administration assistant.

Click here for more details of this particular job role.

We are also searching for an individual who is passionate about purchasing to join our team as a Purchasing Admin/Far East Coordinator.

Click here for more details of this particular job role.

To keep up to date with our entire job opportunities, check out our employment opportunities page.

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