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22 December 2016

Forecasting the Electronics Industry in 2017

As we head towards the year’s end, many companies will be shifting their attention to forecasting their requirements for the next twelve months and beyond. However, this process is not a simple one.

The past year has been interesting, to say the least. In the electronics industry, we have seen how natural disasters and product recalls can severely impact the global supply chain, causing panic as the availability of key parts dwindled whilst costs soared. Elsewhere, shock elections and referendum results have caused the economic markets to wobble, driving costs up for some whilst reducing them for others.

In short, 2016 has been a nightmare for anybody that has attempted to predict the future with a high degree of accuracy.

That said, it’s important for procurement specialists and project managers to have an accurate idea of what will be needed for future production runs and – importantly – how both the manufacturing and consumer market is going to look.

In this piece, we will hopefully help provide some insight into how 2017 will play out for the electronics industry, specifically in relation to key market and economic trends.

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19 December 2016

Seasons Greetings from Cyclops Electronics

With Christmas little more than a week away, we'd like to take this opportunity to wish all our customers and partners the very best this holiday season.

Over Christmas, the Cyclops Electronics office will be closed from 12:30 on 23rd December until the 3rd January, when we will reopen and business will resume as normal.

You still have time to submit your RFQs to us, however. So if you need to source a component to keep production running, or need secure stock for next year's project - get in touch!

Key Dates

  • 22nd December - Last day for standard shipping before Christmas
  • 23rd December (noon) - Cyclops Electronics closes for the Christmas and New Year period
  • 2nd January - Bank Holiday (UK)
  • 3rd January - Cyclops Electronics reopens

Christmas Reading

Over the past year, we've published a number of articles about the global electronics and semiconductor industry.

If you're at a loose end over the festive period, we've collated a number of entries that we think you'll find enjoyable and, importantly, informational. From forecasts to analysis and all the way through to updates, we've got all the festive reading you need:

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08 December 2016

Altera Issue Product Discontinuation Notice

Intel’s Programmable Solutions Group (Intel PSG, formerly Altera) has announced that certain legacy product families are going to be discontinued, citing a lack of demand and declining demand for their decision to cease production.

The product groups include:

  • FLEX 10K, FLEX 10KA, FLEK 10KE, FLEX 6000, FLEX 8000
  • MAX 7000, MAX 7000B, MAX 7000S, MAX9000

The manufacturer has stated that these end-of-line families will be available for a few months yet but all orders will be non-cancellable and non-returnable. Many of the parts that are listed on Altera’s website come with the caveat of a large minimum order value that in some cases is a five-figure sum.

For a full list of Altera components that are entering their end-of-life phase next year, click here.

If you need to fulfil your production lines but don’t want to pay an expensive minimum order value, then Cyclops Electronics will be able to supply or source the parts that you are looking for.

For over twenty-five years, Cyclops Electronics has specialised in the sourcing and procurement of hard-to-find, obsolete and end-of-life components. With 177,232 line items in stock and strategically located offices around the world, our procurement team is in the perfect position to locate the components that you need.

So, if you would like to see if Cyclops Electronics can help secure you stock of a component that is about to enter obsolescence, why not send an enquiry through to our team?


05 December 2016

An advisory group has been founded to help secure the United States' leading position in the semiconductor industry

The transition period between current administrations has started, but the current White House regime has recently established a new private-public advisory group in a bid to ensure that the United States remains the global leader in the highly competitive semiconductor sector.

Competition is fuelling an extraordinary amount of growth in the electronics industry but the wider implications of this titanic battle between gigantic corporations can be found national scientific, military and economic infrastructure projects. It’s a classic game of one-upmanship that results in the creation of new systems and technologies that end up being of critical importance to a nation’s security: What is designed today, could be used in missile guidance systems or complex financial algorithms tomorrow.

And it’s similarly cutthroat in the private sphere, with advanced semiconductors, processors and ICs expected to drive the development of next generation technology, such as autonomous vehicles and satellites.

Although semiconductor manufacturers and state-backed enterprise may be after the recognition that comes with designing world-leading components, the real prize is the lucrative contracts and patents that are associated with the parts. As always, money and profit is the real carrot.

So, in response to recent gains made by firms with explicit links to the Chinese government and the threat that American high tech companies might start buying chips manufactured in the Far East, the White House has sanctioned the creation of the Semiconductor Working Group.

The group will help shape government policy and create guidelines for development the semiconductor industry in the United States.

The Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA), the conglomeration of some of the world’s major chip companies, welcomed the formation of the group.

“This chip industry spawns new industries, makes exiting industries more productive and drives advances once never imagined,” commented John Nueffer, the SIA’s president and CEO.

It is hoped that the collective can help with the creation of new chips and computers that can mimic the functionality and sheer processing power of the human brain. However, it is unlikely to be plain sailing as due to the advancements made in recent years, it has become increasingly more difficult to fit additional features onto ever smaller components. But with the creation of a working group to help focus efforts, breakthroughs might be quicker to occur.

Not everybody, though, is optimistic.

At the time of writing, it is still unclear exactly how the working group will operate and how wide its remit will be. This could well be extremely problematic, especially as in countries such as Taiwan and China there are existing structures in place that have been consolidating and driving the electronics industry forward.

As a result, some individuals believe that it will be rather ineffective and will, unfortunately, have little impact in creating new technologies.

And then there is the uncertainty surrounding the new Washington administration. With the group being established in the last months of Barack Obama’s presidency, there is no guarantee that the new regime will want to help support the group through its infancy. In fact, semiconductors companies could be hit hard, if existing trade agreements are nulled when the new president takes office.

Obviously, time will tell if the new working group is a success. If it does, the potential is there for it to help American companies create and manufacture a new generation of chips that will, eventually, find their way into production lines across the world.

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