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21 July 2017

Electronic Component Lead Time News (July 2017)

Generally speaking, lead times have remained constant since our previous update last month with only ST’s product lines increasing across the board. However, upon closer inspection, there has been a number of small but significant fluctuations that could seriously impact supply chains in the medium- and long-term.

Once again, the DSP and Microprocessor sector has seen availability on key product lines continue to contract. Supply constraints remain, with franchise distributors warning that they may be unable to deal with unforcasted demand.

In short

  • There has been a sharp rise in lead times for ON Semiconductor and ST Micro analog product lines.
  • Micron places DDR2 memory products on allocation.
  • Lead times for microcontroller and DSP lines are increasing, adding to an already constrained supply chain.


In our previous lead time update, we noted that industry figures were forecasting that the availability of ST Micro and ON Semiconductor product lines would decrease. Unfortunately, those predictions have turned out to be true as the two manufacturers have both increased lead times (twenty weeks for ST Micro, twenty-six weeks for ON Semiconductor,)


There has been a fair amount of fluctuation regarding the lead times and pricing of discrete product groups. Thankfully, though, most of these changes appear to be minimal and should not be a problem to the majority of purchasing departments.

But as there has not been a decrease in lead times, we would advise you to check with independent distributors to secure stock, should it be required for an urgent production run – especially for ON Semiconductor product families. as franchise sources are excepting costs to rise in the short-term.


Once again, all of Toshiba’s NAND Flash products remain on available only through allocation and this situation is showing no signs of changing in the immediate future so plan your purchasing patterns accordingly.

Elsewhere, Micron’s DDR3 lines stay on allocation and these are joined by some DDR2 lines while Microchip has bumped up their lead times for their Eprom and EEprom products to a maximum of seventeen weeks.

Other manufacturers such as Fujitsu, IDT and Samsung have remained stable.


Lead times for the major opto product groups have remained static since our last update in June.

The main cause for concern in this area is the number of Osram lines that have either remained or been placed on allocation, though according to our information certain product lines will be removed come Q3 2017. This remains scant comfort for those who have been waiting patiently, however.

DSP & Microcontrollers

We have seen that lead times in this area have risen yet again, continuing a trend that dates back to the start of the year. Only Microchip and Texas Instruments have managed to keep lead time stable, with all the other major manufacturers in this sector posting incremental increase to ease existing supply constraints.

The one exception to this is ST Micro, with the Swiss-based company pushing their lead times out to a maximum of twenty-six weeks for their 8-bit, 16-bit and 32-bit product groups.

As per our statement last month, we would advise people to keep a close eye on this area for a sustained period of allocation could be on the cards if current market demand does not ease.


The logic market has remained stable, with no changes reported to either lead times or price through franchise channels.

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