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05 December 2019

Consider selling your excess electronic components

Your business is thriving, but you are stuck with stock that just sits in the back of your warehouse taking up precious space. What can you do? You could scrap it, or you could try something radical!

You could consider selling your excess electronic component to specialist buyers like Cyclops Excess, who have been buying and managing excess electronic stock for over 20 years. We will not only buy your excess inventory but will also pay to move the lot! Freeing up your precious warehouse space and providing you with an instant cash injection.

Too many manufacturers see excess in a completely negative light and simply scrap it. We want to prove otherwise. Cyclops offers other solutions that not only take away the hassle of managing excess, but also produce a greater financial return.

Cyclops Excess are actively buying excess inventory on an international scale. We have purchased over £7 million worth of stock in the last year and are keen to work with more manufacturers to help them maximise the value held in their excess.

We recently put together a deal with a UK aerospace manufacturer that had traditionally scrapped their excess inventory to offset the loss against future tax liability. Under current UK regulations, the business would be able to claim 19% of the stock’s original value back against their tax liability by destroying it. However, we tabled a more beneficial plan of action. The OEM sold the stock to us but was still able to offset the depreciation realised between original purchase costs and their sale price to us, thus gaining an extra £25,000 over their tax savings. You can read our case study here.

Glen Bodilly, head of Cyclops Excess adds “Since becoming Excess Manager, I have helped Cyclops invest heavily in the excess division and we pride ourselves on a simple approach to help maximise return on investment whilst providing a tailored plan for each circumstance.”

Not sure about selling your excess electronic stock all in one go? We have several selling options for your consideration.

  1. Immediate payment
  2. Full Consignment
  3. Part payment and Consignment

Immediate Payment

  • We assess your stock for immediate purchase
  • Once purchase is agreed your stock is quickly removed
  • You get immediate cash, complete removal of goods and no ongoing liability

Full consignment

  • We sell your stock to maximise market value
  • Your surplus stock is marketed to over 16,000 OEMs, CEMs and Distributors worldwide
  • Your stock is relocated to our ISO approved warehouse

Part Payment and Consignment

  • We buy your stock for immediate cash and a percentage of future sales
  • Your surplus stock is removed and marketed worldwide
  • You maximise return by getting immediate cash and ongoing revenue


Our extensive experience in buying and selling excess and surplus electronic stock has given us a deep understanding of the business and provides us with the tools to offer you fair and friendly solutions when it comes to managing your excess inventory.

If you would like to enhance the financial forecast for your excess stock of electronic components, contact us today on +44 (0)1904 436 44 or email us on  for a free demonstration of the benefits to working with Cyclops Excess.

You can also follow us on twitter @Cyclopsxs and find us on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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