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Lead Time Update: January 2018

Our information indicates that the semiconductor market has entered a period of stability, though as to how long this lasts remains to be seen as there are reports of price and lead time increases later on in 2018.

In the short-term though, lead times across most product sectors have remained static. There are some noticeable changes, though compared to recent months, these are thankfully the exception rather than the norm. Perhaps the most noteworthy update is that due to an increase by STMicroelectronics, lead times for all discrete IGBT lines are now at thirty-eight weeks and above.

In short

  • Delivery situation for discrete products remain constrained
  • Lead times for discrete IGBTs now at thirty-eight weeks
  • Osram cuts lead times of high power LEDs
  • Both programmable and standard logic markets are stable 

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As has been the case in recent months, the market situation for analog products remains tough. However, despite the ongoing problems regarding lead times, manufacturers in this sector have been able to keep them stable since our last update in November. The likes of NXP, ON Semiconductor and Texas Instruments have all been able to lock lead times, which is providing buyers with some level of certainty when planning production runs throughout the year.

It must be noted, though, that some franchised sources are warning that a price increase for Nexperia and ON Semiconductor lines may just be around the corner. We would advise people to check with their regular supplier(s) for further information.


For the majority of devices in this sector, the delivery situation remains extremely tight. We are not expecting to see a change in the immediate future. Due to this, however, market analysts are predicting a price hike in Q1 2018.

On a slightly positive note, lead times have remained static – except for STMicroelectronics’ IGBT lines. The Swiss-based manufactured has increased its maximum lead time to forty-two weeks, a rise of four compared to last month’s data.


Long-standing supply issues remain in the memory market, with the entire sector being beset by high pricing due to demand outstripping supply. In response to this, Micron has added its DDR and DDR2 products to its long list of memory lines available on an allocation-only basis.


After some fluctuations last month, the opto sector entered a period of stability over the Christmas period, with only two listings showing a change from our November update.

Already plagued by lead time issues across the board, Vishay has increased the lead time for its coupler products to twenty-four weeks, a rise of four weeks. However, despite having various products on allocation, Osram has cut the lead time for its high power LEDs to twenty weeks, a substantial reduction from November’s figure of forty-four weeks.

Other manufacturers, such as ON Semiconductor, Samsung and Toshiba, have kept their lead times static. Signs are that market availability is improving and some sources are predicting that the number of product lines on allocation will ease during the first three months of 2018.

DSPs & Microcontrollers

Lead times for DSPs and microcontrollers (MCUs) are stabilising, albeit it at a very high level. The average lead time now stands at twenty-five weeks, though for 32-bit devices, buyers can expect to be quoted a thirty-week lead time from franchise distributors.

As well as continuing to require long-term purchasing plans from their customers to secure stock, franchise distributors are now also warning of a price rise at some point in 2018. Our reports indicate that NXP is intending to implement widespread increases, due to spiralling material and manufacturing costs.

Programmable Logic

Both lead times and general availability for programmable logic lines remain good, with our information indicating that Intel has cut its standard lead times over the new year.

Standard Logic

The market for standard logic remains tight, though lead times have stabilised, despite predictions to the contrary.

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