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Aviation, Space, Defence and Automotive

Cyclops want your purchasing experience to be simple and stress-free, so we are sending our standard order defaults to all our Aviation, Space, Defence and Automotive (ASDA) customers.

If you are an ASDA customer, then you can easily accept our default standards by completing and signing this form and either return by post, fax or scan the form and email it to us directly.

This information is very important to us so we can provide a good service and meet your requirements. Please take a moment of your time to check this information thoroughly and confirm that these "order defaults" are acceptable as they will form the basis of our orders with your company.

As well as the default standards, you can also personalise the form by specifying any particular points you wish to address before placing an order. You can make changes to these standards by discussing them with your current account manager, who will then review the form.

Should you require any changes to be made to this form, then please put comments in the additional information box.

By completing this form you are preventing any delays that could occur with future orders. You can rest assured that these standards will be met each time an order is placed with Cyclops.

Click here to download the ASDA form.

If you wish to speak to an advisor about the ASDA form, then you can contact us by email here or alternatively, call us on 01904 415415

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