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Export Compliance

Buyers Guide To Export Compliance

When working out what compliance procedures to follow it is important to understand what it is that is being exported. 

Goods being exported are split into two categories when it comes to export controls, Military and Dual-Use.

Any goods designed for military purposes are subject to export controls while Dual Use goods are those which, although designed originally for commercial applications, can still be used in alternative military applications even though you may not be aware of it.

The list for controlled Dual-Use goods is split into ten categories:

  • Category 0 Nuclear Materials, Facilities and Equipment
  • Category 1 Special Materials and Related Equipment
  • Category 2 Materials Processing
  • Category 3 Electronics
  • Category 4 Computers
  • Category 5 Telecomms and Information Security
  • Category 6 Sensors and Lasers
  • Category 7 Navigation and Avionics
  • Category 8 Marine
  • Category 9 Aerospace and Propulsion

In deciding whether or not your goods may be considered as controlled, it is important to view the list and find the category that best describes the goods. 

Remember, the list does not list manufacturer's names, part numbers or date codes. If you find that the lists describe your goods then you must view the specifications and characteristics to see if your goods are controlled. 

If they are, then an export licence is required.

Exporters should be aware that there are legal penalties for exporting controlled goods without a licence. 

This includes potential seizure of goods by customs, financial penalties or even a prison term.

If you are unsure, then you can request an assessment of your goods via the Control List Classification Advice Service available on the ECO's SPIRE export licencing database.

More information on applying for a licence and some helpful videos can be found on the Department for Business & Skills website

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