Cyclops Electronics RSS feed Latest news from Cyclops Electronics en-gb Electronic Component Shortage update The ongoing electronic component shortage is one of the biggest challenges global supply chains face today, with demand for many components, from chips to actives and passives, well and truly outstripping supply. 2021-10-13 Rare earth metal prices explode Prices for rare earth metals have exploded over the last 12 months, moving nearly 50% higher on average since March. 2021-10-06 Communications including 5G will drive the components market According to IC Insights, the communication sector’s share of integrated circuit sales reached 35% in 2020 and is expected to grow to 36.5% by 2025 2021-09-29 Causes of IC Shortage There’s a serious shortage of integrated circuits affecting every corner of the electronics world. Discrete circuits, optoelectronics, and sensors are also experiencing shortages, putting pressure on supply chains from top to bottom. 2021-09-22 Chip Shortage causing car manufacturers to cut production levels Car manufacturers such as Volkswagen, Ford, General Motors, Hyundai, and Toyota have cut production levels to prioritize their most lucrative models. In some cases, plants have shut down for weeks at a time to allow supply chains to catch up to one another. 2021-09-15 Component Prices Rise 10% to 40% - But why? While component price rises are expected when demand outstrips supply, the scale of recent increases has come as a shock to many businesses. 2021-09-01 Automotive electronics market set to grow With vehicles getting smarter, more connected and more autonomous, the automotive electronics market looks set to soar. 2021-08-25 Why are semiconductors so important to so many industries? The semiconductor chip has done more to connect the world than any other technology, but why is it so important to so many industries? our demand for chips is outstripping supply. There is a global semiconductor shortage under way affecting all industries, with the automotive industry hardest hit due to a perfect storm that has been building for years. 2021-08-18 Passive and Interconnecting Electronic Components market to display lucrative growth The passive and interconnecting electronic components market is predicted to display lucrative growth across all regions over 2020-2025, with North America the dominant market due to the prominence of players in the country. 2021-08-10 Chips shortage limits auto production in Brazil and the rest of the world Chips shortage limits auto production in Brazil and the rest of the world. Leading automotive companies like Tesla are experiencing shortages causing long lead times on their production lines. Some companies believe this will be experienced for many years to come. 2021-08-04