Cyclops Electronics RSS feed Latest news from Cyclops Electronics en-gb Resins and coatings for electronic components Coating PCBs ensures the longevity of electronic devices. PCBs can be potted in resin for safety against potential mechanical damage and other impacts. 2022-06-22 Electronic Components of a hearing aid Hearing aids are an essential device that can help those with hearing loss to experience sound. The gadget comes in an analogue or digital format, with both using electronic components to amplify sound for the user. 2022-06-15 Traditional fuses and eFuses Fuses are an essential electronic component in most circuits, and act as a safety feature to keep the other components within the circuit safe. Billions are used today to safeguard against circuit failures. 2022-06-08 Could conductive ink replace conventional circuitry? It seems like the stuff of dreams, having a pen or a paintbrush that could conduct electricity. Well, those dreams are very real, readily available to buy online, and at a relatively cheap rate, too. Conductive ink pens and conductive paint that can be used with a pen, paintbrush, or a printer is a reality, and is already being put to work. 2022-05-26 Chip shortage impact on electric car sales How did electric car sales survive and thrive during the pandemic? Read our latest blog post on the EV market now 2022-05-25 The Angstrom Era of Electronics Angstrom is a unit of measurement that is most commonly used for extremely small particles or atoms in the fields of physics and chemistry. 2022-05-18 What are GaN and SiC? Silicon will eventually go out of fashion, and companies are currently heavily investing in finding its protégé. Gallium Nitride (GaN) and Silicon Carbide (SiC) are two semiconductors that are marked as being possible replacements. 2022-05-11 semiconductors in space A post about semiconductors being used in space travel would be the perfect place to make dozens of space-themed puns, but let’s stay down to earth on this one. There are around 2,000 chips used in the manufacture of a single electric vehicle. Imagine, then, how many chips might be used in the International Space Station or a rocket. 2022-05-04 What alternatives to WiFi are available? WiFi has been an integral part of our life since the 90s when it first came into being. Originally created for wireless connections in cashier systems under the name WaveLAN, the trademarked WiFi name came into existence just before the turn of the century and hasn’t looked back since. 2022-04-27 How transistors replaced vacuum tubes Electronics has come on leaps and bounds in the last 100 years and one of the most notable changes is the size of components. At the turn of the last century mechanical components were slowly being switched out for electrical ones, and an example of this switch was the vacuum tube. 2022-04-14