Cyclops Electronics RSS feed Latest news from Cyclops Electronics en-gb The future of memory Memory is an essential electronic component. Not only can it store data, but it can also process vast amounts of code. As it is so vital, manufacturers are upgrading it and adding improvements constantly. This could improve the way our computers and gadgets run but could also help people’s memories in the future. 2022-09-21 India increasing chip manufacture In recent years India has been increasing its share in the electronics industry, planning to become a hub in the future. 2022-09-16 The effect of AI on the electronics supply chain AI and machine learning technology is improving all the time and, consequently, the electronics industry is taking more notice. Experts predict that the application of AI in the semiconductor industry is likely to accelerate in the coming years. 2022-09-07 Price hikes in the electronics industry Chip prices will continue to increase, despite some component lead times improving. This is due to inflation, labour shortages, and scarcity of raw materials, among other things. 2022-08-25 Optoelectronics Optoelectronic devices are products relating to the detection or creation of light. Chances are you deal with optoelectronics quite often, whether it’s in the form of LEDs in remote controls, solar panels, or fibre optic broadband. 2022-08-24 PCB assembly We’re not quite the Avengers, but we do know a thing or two about assembly. As an electronic component supplier, Cyclops works to get customers the electronic components they are looking for. Further down the line, manufacturers construct the printed circuit boards (PCBs) featuring our sourced components. 2022-08-17 Procurement executives concerned about digital innovation Manufacturers are using digital advancements to battle current supply chain disruptions. Almost all (97%) of those surveyed said they had significant disruptions in their direct materials supply chain. 67% said they were not confident that the technology can cope with the current or near-future challenges. The most significant technology disadvantages seem to come with lack of visibility into supplier, ‘disjointed’ source-to-pay process with multiple systems, and a lack of spend reporting. 2022-08-09 The importance of batteries to the future of electronics Batteries were first invented long before electricity was even discovered in the 1700s. Around the 1900s the first iterations of what would become modern batteries began to appear. Since then, the tech going into these batteries has improved dramatically, and other battery types are also in development. 2022-08-03 What is fabless production? A fab is short for ‘fabrication’, which is a facility that produces electronic components. When it comes to fabless production, it refers to when companies outsource their manufacturing. The development of fabless production is a pretty recent development, but one that has flourished since its conception. 2022-07-27 Thermal management of semiconductors Every electronic device or circuit will create heat when in use, and it’s important to manage this. If the thermal output isn’t carefully controlled it can end up damaging, or even destroying the circuit. 2022-07-20