Cyclops Electronics RSS feed Latest news from Cyclops Electronics en-gb How Can Companies Combat the Electronic Components Shortage? Electronic components shortages show no signs of abating, fuelled by growing demand for electronics, limited availability of raw materials, soaring manufacturing prices and lingering COVID-19 disruptions. 2022-01-19 Will continued global Covid measures extend electronic component shortages? Continued global Covid measures will likely extend electronic component shortages, hindering manufacturers for several years. 2022-01-13 What is causing the surge in semiconductor and passive components? As the world becomes smarter and more connected, the components used in electronic circuits are seeing a surge in demand. 2021-12-22 Obsolescence Management Before It Becomes A Problem Like the device you are reading this on, all electronic components become obsolete eventually. As a supply chain manager, it is your job to manage obsolescence and make sure it doesn't become a problem for your company. 2021-12-15 Semiconductor Supply Chain Will Remain Vulnerable Without Robust Investment in Advanced Packaging According to the report, without robust federal investment, the semiconductor supply chain in the U.S. faces an uphill battle to meet demand. 2021-12-08 A raw materials shortage is set to hit the EV battery supply chain in 2022 The automotive sector is on red alert amid speculation that raw material shortages will impact the EV battery supply chain in 2022. 2021-12-01 Global chip shortage to impact electronic retailers holiday season The holiday season usually marks the start of an electronics sales boon for retailers. Consumers buy more electronics in the lead up to Christmas than at any other time of the year. This year, however, things are different. 2021-11-24 The tech industry is bracing for a potential shortage of passive electronic components The tech industry is bracing itself for an altogether larger shortage of passive electronic components that could reduce manufacturing output across multiple categories. 2021-11-17 Global silicon chip shortage will last until at least 2023 How long will the global silicon chip shortage last? If you were to ask ten CEO's of leading technology companies, you'd probably get ten different answers. However, there's one timeframe most CEO's quote… 2021-11-10 Incoterms Explained Incoterms (International Commercial Terms) is a set of trade rules issued by the International Chamber of Commerce to define the responsibilities of sellers and buyers globally to reduce confusion in cross-border trade. 2021-11-03