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Surplus stock from obsolete production lines and end-of-life scenarios can be a significant drain on your resources.

But, that same inventory can hold significant value if dealt with in the correct manner and we have a number of flexible options when it comes to unlocking the equity of your stock.

Thanks to our ever-growing network of contacts, we are able to get your leftover components in front of the eyes of purchasers, designers and distributors from around the world.

The three main options that we provide each have their own unique benefits:

Full Consignment

If your stock holds a high residual value, then full consignment represents the best - and easiest - way to maximise your income.

Your stock will be transferred to our storage facilities and our sales teams will then market the components to our worldwide contacts database that includes OEMs, CEMs and fellow dealers and distributors.

You will retain full ownership of the stock until it is sold, enabling you to use the components on existing production lines.

  • Our specialists evaluate your stock list, attaching an estimated market price to each item of stock.
  • The components are relocated to our purpose-built, ISO 9001:2008 approved warehouse.
  • We sell your stock through our global network of companies, advertising it to over 16,000 OEMs, CEMs and Distributors.
  • You retain full ownership of the stock, allowing you to use the components on production lines

Immediate Payments

We also offer an immediate payment option, which is perhaps the simplest and most straightforward solution.

Our team of analysts will look through your stocklist whilst also checking current market trends and demands. From our research, we are able to determine the market value of your parts.

This means that we are then able to offer you a one-off lump sum that's an accurate representation of your component's true worth.

  • We assess your stocklist and agree a price.
  • Once the purchase is agreed, we remove your stock and transfer it to our warehouse.
  • You get an immediate cash injection, the complete removal of your excess and no ongoing liability.

Part Payment & Part Consignment

A unique alternative.

This hybrid option is perfect for businesses that wish to receive a payment up front but also wish to take advantage of the long-term benefits that consignment offers.

Where is the stock kept?

All stock is stored at our purpose-built, ISO9001:2008 certified warehouse, located in York, UK.


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